What Features Does Mozu have as an Enterprise E-commerce Platform?



Mozu is a modern ecommerce cloud platform that seeks to simplify enterprise commerce. It is a renowned top line revenue driver that delivers unified client experiences, ensuring that customers react to changing trends quickly. This allows them to meet the demands of their target audience wherever they are.

This platform aims at optimizing the bottom line to increase market agility. This goes a long way in reducing the amount of time spent in changing websites as well as changing marketing updates. It is a well known platform that focuses on innovation and flexibility. This helps to keep its customers up-to-date on the trends in technology with effortless and easy platform updates.

Recently, Mozu announced a partnership improvement with ShipStation, another renowned web-based ecommerce solution. With the enterprise ecommerce platform provided by Mozu, it is now easier for retailers to manage their customer experience, commerce and content across any platform and every channel. Mozu’s marketplace is continuously growing allowing clients to customize unified commerce experiences with accelerators, extensions, widgets and apps from the retail of over 80 innovative commerce techs.


Its marketplace provides third party integration with apps in reporting and analytics, shipping and fulfillment, order management, payments and inventory. The shipping integrations provided by Mozu allow customers to import orders seamlessly with a simple button click. In addition, ShipStation integrates with Etsy, EBay, Amazon as well as many other shopping carts and market places. With Mozu, you get to experience better commerce tools, more performance and so much more. Consider visiting their website to discover detailed specifics.





Mozu makes use of service ecommerce software known as SaaS. It is simple to use and requires no background experience. It allows for system optimization as well as performance, making it the best tool. Ideally, almost 80% of the things required in e-Commerce sites are similar from one client to another. Therefore, using the SaaS platform, it is easy to optimize and standardize these features across a wide range of websites.

Mozu is very much aware of the constant changes in commerce and this makes it the leading provider when it comes to available widgets including email integration, payment and social. In addition, it provides more advanced usability. Surprisingly, Mozu is the easiest platform you will ever come across when it comes to back-end administration. An easy back-end administration means more control on promotions and contents resulting to less spending when pushing for new live catalogs. The best thing about platform standardization is its less customization ability and 100% results.




Orange Button with Customize on Black Computer Keyboard. Business Concept.

When ecommerce sites pay more attention on the 80 percent shared aims, they tend to ignore the remaining 20 percent. Similarly, it is important to bear in mind that, every website has something that differentiates it from other sites. Mozu is very much aware of this and approaches the situation with a First-API architect. This approach allows a direct access to codebase.

According to Jonathan Roeder, the VP Architecture at Mozu, they are happy to partner with ShipStation and they are hoping to increase and synchronize efficiencies to allow easy shipment and consolidation. Mozu believes that ecommerce can turn out to be a powerful tool without necessarily being complex.

The partnership between ShipStation and Mozu will allow online sellers to fulfill and manage their different orders that require shipment. This will be possible across a variety of shipping carriers including FedEX, UPS, DHL, USPS among others. Sellers are not required to log-in to a variety of carrier websites so that they can import the spreadsheets of their orders across different channels. This means that the whole process is easier than you can imagine.

In addition to these awesome features, ShipStation provides Mozu customers with time as well as money saving benefits such as a Stamps.com account free of charge. The account comes with greatly discounted USPS rates, timely packing labels or batch printing of around 500 shipping and automation options that are continually updated. This helps to save a lot of hours that could have been spent in daily data entry.

According to Robert Gilbreath, ShipStation’s marketing vice president, his company is happy to collaborate with Mozu and Mozu clients should expect better performances. He added that, Mozu customers who use ShipStation will now be in a position to save more money and time on their shipments and fulfillment.

Cutting edge technology



Because ecommerce technology evolves to new features almost every single time, Mozu tries to keep up with the changing technology so that it can continue offering online experiences that are highly engaging. It does so by constantly introducing new innovations and features that require no updates. These are developed by its team of able professionals. Its innovations are free from additional developments making them cost effective. This ensures that its retailers remain on the top.



Parallel development




Today, businesses are under a lot of pressure to do things within short durations. Mozu is very much aware of this and provides a variety of Sandbox environments that allow several teams to work at the same time. This new capability reduces timelines drastically and helps to deliver websites faster.





Responsive key design




In the market today, you will come across numerous varieties of tablets and mobile phones. This makes it necessary for websites to come up with new ways that can ensure ultimate user experience. Mozu uses a built-in responsive design that makes things easier for developers when creating delightful experiences for its users. Because multiple sites management is not an easy task, Mozu uses a single Sandbox to manage several websites. This leads to simplified digital experiences with catalog, brand assets and contents that are centrally managed. This makes it a global ecommerce platform that provides global site building, content management as well as publishing capabilities.